Let's Make Robots!


So rusty

Ok so I'm still waiting on all my new parts to arrive, in the meantime I'm thinking I should warm up the ol' grey matter engine and unrust my electronics knowledge. Can anyone recommend a tutorial site or ebook(s) (I used to have the '80s booklets from Radioshack on beginning electronics, can't find them though) that is geared more towards robotics? Primarily anything that would help with PICAXE or Arduino based microcontroller interfacing.

One wheel operating

After following instructions to a tee, double checking all operations, and downloading program, we are still having a problem with our "STARTER ROBOT". The 2A and 2B wires are connected to seperate motors. One motor does not operate. The motor that is connected to 2B wires does not operate. We tried switching wires, before they were soldered, and the opposite motor worked. All connections have been double, and triple checked to make sure they are secure. There seems to be no way to check for continuity, because we are attached to the board? Can you help us out?