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Mini Sumo Bot Parts!


I decided to make a mini sumo robot a few weeks ago instead of doing an obstacle avoider. Turns out that once you think about it, mini sumo bots and obstacle avoiders are pretty much the same! The only changes I would need to make would be to the code. Great! Sumos can also double as line followers. So in short, they're pretty versatile. Here is an image of most of the parts that will go into this sucker. 


Banebots motor mounting

So i have a pair of banebots motors (http://banebots.com/pc/MP-36XXX-540/MP-36064-540)

I was working on the chassis for my latest robot, but, I could not find a suitable way to mount these motors on my plywood chassis. They have mounting holes, but they aren't very deep. Any suggestions?

BaneBot 16mm Spur Gearmotors

I have a pair of 16mm BaneBot spur gearmotors with bearing blocks (2 per shaft) that I am looking to release back into the wild. They are 621RPMs, 1500ma, 3mm shaft dia, and scoot about nicely. I also have some 4-7/8" BaneBot wheels and hubs that mount nicely. Any takers let me know. I would be interested in trades or cashola.


These are the same motors and wheels used on R3M3.