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Allows my robots to communicate wirelessly with my PC.
Like many of us, I've been working quietly on my next robotics project.  Along the way I wanted to be able to wirelessly monitor what's happening deep inside their … Read more

Computer On Wheels Controller

Hi guys,
Since last week, I've been learning c++ and openFrameworks and creating a application to control any robot with a computer on it or, at least connected to one by someway.
It is supposed to be simple to implement and use.
You just need to run the application and program your robot to read the following chars and act corresponding to them:
  • 'w' to move forward;
  • 's' to mo
Controls arduino's Inputs and Outputs
UPDATE - 15 September 2010: Here is the second version.  No crossing lines this time, the digital pins are broken in two blocks, and the enumeration of them goes … Read more

Loosing coms with my Robot while programming

Recently I've had trouble programming Junior. The Picaxe programming editor would come up with a com port fault. At first I thought it was my cable, I couldn't find an obvious fault so I fitted a new plug on the end going to the robot incase I had an intermitant fault. It seem to be fine but soon the error returned. I checked the computer and Juniors mainboard with no luck. I would be able to make 5 or 6 changes to the program and then the coms error would be back.