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Gamepad Controlled Car

As I am a newbie and I was asked to make a gamepad controlled car ( Something next to impossible for me). I was tired searching on internet but I landed on a ground which lead me to no path so I need a help on how to make a gamepad controlled car using ATmega16 (Both Programme As well As Circuit). Link would also work

Robotic arm mounted on an autonomous line follower

hello everyone.

I am working on a robotic arm mounted on an autonomous robot. I am done with the line following part. and It tracks the line pretty well. controlled 2 DC geared motors via fastPWM from atmega16 using motor driver l298, used LDRs and LM324 comparators for the line following. all the programming is done in avr studio 4 and used ponyprog to burn the code in atmega 16.


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