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Phase 1 (Updated 29/4 - New video & code.)     Here's a little robot built on CTC's excellent Tiny Tank chassis. It's based on a Picaxe 28X2 which … Read more

PICAXE 28x2 Question

I'm working on a project and I plan to get the PICAXE project board that is in the "Start Here" tutorial.  I was looking at getting the 28x2 microcontroller instead of the 28x1.

The x2 says it has 20 I/O pins instead of specific pins for input and output.  

How do I tell a pin to be used for input or output, is that in the programming or is it hardware.  And would this work with the project board, or am I stuck with the same I/O pins that the 28x1 has.

This looks like a promissing new product from picaxe. A surface mount 28X2 on a circuit board with pins to add it to a breadboard. it looks a lot like the Arduino … Read more