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5v voltage regulation.

Is there a simple thingy that I can hook up to any voltage higher than 5V (within reasonable range) and always get 5volt out?

Building the perfect robot power supply

One thing most robots need is a power supply that can put out a reasonable amount of current for servos and other small motors as well as run a processor and sensors. Probably the best setup is 5x 1.2V NiMh cells to provide 6V for motors and servos with a low dropout regulator providing 5V for the processor and sensors. Unfortunately this isn't always practical. Sometimes you have motors that need higher voltages or maybe the only battery you have lying around is a 7.2V battery from a RC model.

Steps battery voltage up or down.
The MC34063A is an easy to use DC-DC converter that can be used to step battery voltage up or down to run your processor, small servos or to make an efficient LED … Read more