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Heya fellas, Found out about this electronic circuit design contest today. Contest is open to all homo-sapiens on earth and has no entry fee for individuals ! Just … Read more

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Please post a photo of your workspace with the wall chart so everyone can see how great it looks!


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China / Germany:

Any hardware shop for electronic or robotics near Hampi/India?

Hi you Indian fellows in LMR,

my friend is moving to Hampi/India next week and I am wondering if there is any way to buy robototic/electronic stuff offline in a local hardware shop? What is the closest shop...Goa, Bangalore? I know there is a hackerspace in Goa but still that's not exactly around the corner of Hampi.

Please let me know if you know something or let me know how you guys handle buying that stuff. maybe you could build up a community for shared order to save shipping costs if you are ordering from China or antother country.


Microcontroller + Motor Controller


Now that I am done seeking new Discoveries...

I just Realized that I really need to Change a little bit on my new Project

Imagination is UNLIMITED but Reality is Limited nowadays

As Usual I'm here Again to ASK QUESTIONs and BEG for your Kindness HELP

May all your Answers are very useful

Here we Go my Questions are

1st Question :: I use Arduino UNO and a Quad Motor Controller to control my 4X DC geared Motors. Do have any Idea what are the Possible Problems that I might encounter...?

Hand-free dialing landline phone with EasyVR stuff

I know I digress from the theme of robots, but knowing that there are many electronics "cracks" on this forum, I hope find here solutions

My mom really looked up to my electronic Wiz and said: Build me an automatic trash can.  So I started planning. You can also build this as i show you how to cause … Read more

9V battery keep blowing up!!!

Ok I have a problem that just does not make sense but since I am a newbie I thought I would throw this up and see if I can get some pointers.

Contents of the Electronics Surprise Box Revealed!

For any of you who have shopped around at the Electronics Goldmine (whom I highly recommend www.goldmine-elec.com) you may have been sceptical about ordering the electronics surprise box from the misc. section. Maybe you didn't know what was in it, would it be worth it, or what kinds of components and parts are in it. Well today is your lucky day because here is what came in mine! Now you can decide for yourself. (Note: not all surprise boxes contain the same typs of parts, it is purely random)

The best "cliff" detector

Hello, I am wondering if anyone has any personal preferance towards sensors for cliff detection. I am starting a new robot that needs this. Any suggestions?