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Super Capacitor in solar power supply - a few queries

I intend to build a remote 'weather station'

The station will:

  • Be completley independant of any external power, ie, it will produce its own power via solar cell(s)
  • Measure temperature only
  • Transmit its finding over an RF link to an indoors reciever

Instead of using a rechargeable battery supply with charger circuit, i have decided to use a 35F, 2.7V super capacitor to smooth and store power.

Seattle and snow does not mix

Here I am, stuck at my 'rents house, my robots all at my apartment, and I'm spinning my wheels here going crazy. We're day 4 into a weeklong snowstorm, which is unheard of here around Seattle. We're used to the random 1/2-1" and then rain to wash it all away before it becomes a bother.

I took a few vids and put them together with some music and such. As it is continuing to snow, I'll probably add more tomorrow.

Last vid is from Queen Anne Hill in Seattle a few years back. The added Yakkety Sax makes it all worth it.