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Using PiFace but still using I2C

I got a PiFace Display in the mail not too long ago, and just cracked it open.
I got it as a tester to write a review, because I wanted the LED display and the infrared on it.

Raspberry pi GPIO

Simple question (hopefully)

As a simple starter project, I'm considering using a raspberry pi as a looper, probably based around This Software. As it uses a keyboard or midi input to trigger loop recoding, I'm wondering how hard it is to map the gpio pins on the RasPi as keyboard/midi inputs.

As an additional question, how hard would it be to send some of the data from this program to a cheap character LCD?

Thanks in advance.

command an actuator through wifi
Using a
This describes how to use the GPIO on a wireless router as binary outputs and how to control your electronics from the linux commandline. Software I started out … Read more