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Distance sensor

Accurate distance sensor


Total newbie with regards to robotos, but fascinated by the topic. I'm working on a hobby project, which is not really a robot, but I need "robot" components. I'm searching for an accurate distance sensor, capable of sensing distance between 0 and 5 cm (could also between 1 and 6, for instance), with accuracy around 0,1mm. I see some of you are using Sharp distance sensor GP2Y0A02YK0F and similar, but I have not found what is the accuracy of those sensors, so I don't know if it would be appropriate.

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Using a
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New cheap sonsor for the Start Here robot?

The Sharp IR sensor that is used in the present "start here" is no longer being produced.

We need to find a replacement, and all ideas welcome.

Conditions: It must be a cheap distance sensor that can be purchased "in the shops".

Cheap, and commonly available.

Don't fear the 50/60 Hz noise - Use it

I am sad to say that I do not get much time to build any robots these days.. However, every now & then I get a few moments in my workshop.

Thanks to OddBot I got myself some phototransistors a while back, and now I had some time to play. I was thinking of making 2 robots send little signals to each other via a light beam.

Unfortunatly it's winter time in Denmark, and so I had to work under indoor light bulbs. And as you may know; Working with pulsating light under a such can be a pain!

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