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Navigate around in a room very bad,
Using a
Ok after a loooong time not being active on this page I figured that I had to post another NXT robot. Ok, this is my first robot with a differential, so don't … Read more

Labyrinth Line Follower Advice Please

I wish to build an autonomous robot capable of navigating a human sized labyrinth at our local senior center.  I need to make it mostly from VEX parts programmed in RobotC.

RobotC Compatible Microcontrollers

I received a copy of RobotC and the USB/Serial interface with my VEX robot kit.
As I become acquainted with it, I realize that it could solve control of a model railroad cable car system that terminates inside a model building and must be left unattended on public display.  The ability to exercise fine control through reprogramming rather than physically rearranging parts would be a major plus.
Drums with its arms on the table or drum
Using a
NXT robot that drums. Programed in RobotC. The attachment is the file that I have made so far (download it and open with notepad if you don't have RobotC) It's now … Read more
This is not the first robot I made but the first one I was successful with programming in RobotC. The second video I used the sample program's and blutooth with a … Read more