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I have a new walker in progress. A part 2, if you will, of Sintra-sticks. This time, I am using smaller components, more servos, and hoping for more luck on … Read more
Hopefully moves around and scares the cats.....
Using a
My fourth robot and my first quadruped, influenced by Chopsticks Junior and Jeffrey The Quadruped. Built using: Read more

Sintra / expanded PVC

Hey all you users of expanded PVC:

I just got a nice big piece of sintra for my next project. Very cool stuff. Light, durable, and best of all, FREE!!! (got it from the showroom of a local plastic supply).

So before I go ahead and ruin it, let me throw out some questions to those who have used it:

1. What do you use to glue it? Super Glue? Plastic bond? Pipe glue?

2. What about cutting it? Jig-saw? Dremel?

3. Has anybody tried molding/bending/shaping it?