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$10 logic analyzer

After a lot of umming and ahhing and general procrastination I decided to dig this out of the cupboard to give it a whirl again.


Here's my little prototype Arduino knockoff. I'm calling it the Pseuduino. Yeah, I know, the world doesn't need more Arduino knockoffs, but I don't care, I wanted one anyway! Besides, it was still cheaper than buying someone else's version (about 7-8 USD)(cheaper if futurlec would actually get parts delivered).

USB power?

Is it possible to use this USB breakout board as a 5 volt power supply for your microcontroller projects? If so, then do you have to use a voltage regulator?
I know, not a very original name. It was that or "Simple junkbot for a boring, rainy Sunday afternoon", but I figured that was too long to type repeatedly. This is … Read more

Cool Arduino Library for driving servos!

I don't know if you guys already knew about these 2 very useful library to drive servo motors from the arduino, basicly you don't need to use analog write with an hexadecimal value to drvie the servo by PWM, you just write in degrees the angle and direction you wish the servo to go and it goes! 

Anyway here it is :



I recieved a surface mount ATMega32 from futurlec instead of the through-hole version. I have no use for this, as I have no tools to solder such small surface mount stuff. If you have another type of AVR you'd like to trade, please let me know, or if you'd like to buy it off me for like $3 or something. Can be sent by standard post.

Junkyard Challenge

Hi All,

I am new here. I have a following material

* Robot chassis
* 2 geared D.C. motors (6V D.C)
* 6 volt 4.5Ahr battery
* 4 ABS antiskid wheels
* 2 follower attachments
* 2 D.P.D.T. switches
* 1 castor wheel
* serial port programmer
* AVR Atmega8l development board
* L293d (2 x Channel H Bridge Motor Driver)
* 4 relay power driver



AVR is in the house!

Last week I purchased the AVR ISP mkII programmer for the Atmel AVR series of chips and I had previously bought some ATtiny26 chips for use in motor controllers, line sensors, etc.

The AVR is a microcontroller developed by Atmel. Its an 8-bit RISC μController based on the Harvard architecture which physically seperates the data storage … Read more

AVR's anyone?/ Hello

Hello, this is my first post here. All you projects look amazing!

I hope to learn alot!

Anyways, has anyone worked with AVR microchips before? I personally use Atmel’s ATMega 168. I find that the interpreter is a little hard to get working but it is really easy to work with after that. The chips are pretty cheap to.

I have also worked with RCK/NXT from Lego.

I hope to post my own project up here soon!