Let's Make Robots!


After struggling for days with multiple designs, I have come up with something showable (I doubt this word exists). I have not included automatic movement here. I … Read more

Hello LMR world!

well im new to this and stuff. i really love robots but i haven't really made anything from not from a kit, and i don't know anything about programing, but in trying. im making a Unmanned Ground Vehicle, or in this case a RC car make out of a ride-on toy, it will have cameras, rocket lauchers and eventualy, bb gun turrets. but im still saving up for a chassis, but ive got a good idea of what im doing.

Newbie says hello.

Hello everybody.

As I am completely new to this hobby, and the forum, I thought I'd better say hello before posting numerous questions I have to ask.

As said, I'm very new to robotics, electronics and especially programming, but am determined to learn, and enjoy myself along the way.

Arduino questions


i'm from germany and i'm trying to build my first Robot with the arduino Platform.

I've desided to build my own shild for the arduino.

It should be able to drive two motors and to connect 4 -5 servos to the arduino.

The first problems with the L293D Motordriver are solved and I've done that it works and avoids objects.

Today my servos arrived and i tested my shield with the servos.

and then the first problem:

Introduction - Saying Howdy!

Howdy folks,


I just joined the group. I've been reading up the blogs and first robot experiments from others for just under a month now. I must admit, I am hooked! And I am looking around where I live (Perth, Australia) for PICAXE starter kits to give it a shot! 


I did find the *where to buy picaxe* link in the home page mighty useful, though there arent any stores here in Perth that I can walk into and walk out a happy man! 




Thought i would introduce myself since im new here and to robots in general.


Im john im a 28 year old programmer, LAMP mainly but a little java here and there. im working on one main project at the moment, guilbot. He's been a great learning curve for me and im hoping i can expand on him, this site is going to come in very handy.  


Anyway im friendly so say hi :D 

AVR's anyone?/ Hello

Hello, this is my first post here. All you projects look amazing!

I hope to learn alot!

Anyways, has anyone worked with AVR microchips before? I personally use Atmel’s ATMega 168. I find that the interpreter is a little hard to get working but it is really easy to work with after that. The chips are pretty cheap to.

I have also worked with RCK/NXT from Lego.

I hope to post my own project up here soon!