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Plays a game with you through an xylophone
Using a
Hi there LMR, here is another one of our projects, as promised. :) This is Xylomatron. It is a robot that you can play a game similar to "Simon Says" but with a … Read more
Interface between MATLAB and Arduino to calibrate servo
Interface between MATLAB and Arduino microcontroller to calibrate servo. The Seeeduino Mega 1280 is used in this case. Problem:Servo does not center accurately and … Read more

New LBD geared motor for small robots

DAGU have now released a modified version of our Little Black Duck analog servo.

This is the Little Black Duck servo, modified for continuous rotation with the control circuit removed making it into a simple geared motor with a ball raced output shaft. This motor is perfect for small robots and can be easily driven by an L293D or a controller with a built in "H" bridge such as our Micro Magician.

DTFusion - Dual channel servo 180º travel extender


This servo travel extender was designed for pan/tilt systems and more specifically for FPV. It was designed to meet the need of RC entusiasts that want a bigger view angle without buying expensive digital servos. Since is dual channel we only need one per each pan/tilt system.

Alright ! After a haitus and some odd but trivial glitches I am finally happy to declare the birth of ANTROBOT Ver 1.0.0. Its a 2 legged creature with a single … Read more

how do I determine power requirements for an 18 towerpro mg955 servo hexapod?

I recently bought a Chinese made hexapod and 32 servo Torobot controller.  Hooking up the bluetooth module to the controller was easy, and so was connecting all 18 hexapod servos, and the programming looks straightforward.

the servos are towerpro mg955.  I have found various info on these (including comments re their quality) but was not able to find out anything about how much current they can use/need under load

A Servo Query

Hi LMR's,

I recently bought 6 servos from here: http://robokits.co.in/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2_5&products_id=187 .

It says to be Exact replacement for Futaba S3003 and Hitec HS-311.

In most of the website and the official arduino page I read that u simply can run one from an arduino,but in my case it didn't :-(

Shines toward Spectator
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The Starbot is a custom robot made for one of my sons. It is a star that shines and rotates to where the spectator is. My son found this wooden star-on-a-stick … Read more

2WD Robot, ArduinoMega 1280, PanPing sensor problem

Hello everybody. 

First sorry for my English but not good. I want to ask the profis about my robotics problems. :) 
I have a 2wd mobile platform. I played with this so many and my old simple codes was working well. 

But I decided, I want to upgrade a little bit my "stupid" code which was very good with the fixed ping sensor and some IR sensor but too simple. Than I rebuilded all IR sensor first, and builded a little servo for the PING sensor. 

Terminates all life forms
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The Spaghuzzinator is a classic end-world-scenario robot. Evil and lethal. Strong and without mercy. A true bad guy. This robot is one part of an art exhibition … Read more

This is my project [DON'T LOOK, JUST BORING]

STARTED 5.7.2012

Okay, so here's my project, what i am designing.
It is a robot arm!
Some stats:

- 4 servos, not very big
- PICAXE 14M as brain
- SM-S3317S 2.0kg at 4.8V
- 4 Rechargeable 1.2V batteries
- Polymorph and lightweight woodsticks as materials 
- Maybe somekind of sensor and IR receiver
- Potentiometer to control

Pictures coming soon!


How do you program a full continius servo (360 degrees) in a Picaxe 28x1 board?


Can't get my HXT900 servo to move


Trying to get my HXT900 to work on my test board but it just screams. I'm using a PICAXE 08M pins 0,1,2. there is a jumper that i set to downlaod and then to use as low for servo. orange cable to pin 0, red cable to pin1 and brown cable to pin2 The following is my code. Anyone out there ever came across this . Note I had it working once on my 18M



low 0

high 1

Miniature servo magnetic clutches

Miniature servos are great for robotics, they are small and cheap. Unfortunately they have very small plastic gears that strip easily so they always need replacing....  or do they?  Not any more!!!

Balance to one leg, move hand, move head with Power Led on
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Hello everybody,I am back one year later, with my latest construction Red Dragon biped robot http://letsmakerobots.com/node/27414. After my second construction, … Read more

connecting c bracket to servo

Hi im kinda new to useing brackets for servos on my robots and i cant seem to figer out how i connect a servo to a cbracket . The servos i have dont have a rod sticking out the other side like some others do it just is a normal servo . so any help connecting a servo to a servo cbracket would be greatly appresiated thank you

Eight servos - Picaxe 28

I'm trying to build a climbing robot with a Picaxe-28 project board, however according to my design, I need 8 servos. Do you think there would be a problem to plug so many of those? Is there a way to feed the servos from two different sources of energy? As far as I know, the board I'm using is capable to manage that amount of servos. What do you think?

I know nothing about this so maybe a little orientation about what should I read would be great! Thanks in advance.

Navigate around via ultrasound
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This is the third version of Primo. It has ultrasound sensor and bumper. I used my Aperia Arc S like webcam . Read more

Little Black Duck - 12g, 2Kg/cm miniature servos from DAGU

Have you ever built a robot and then found your miniature servos were not quite strong enough?
Get yourself a flock of ducks! DAGU's little black ducks!

DAGU are now selling a 2Kg/cm servo that is only slightly taller than a standard miniature servo. The height difference allows for thicker, stronger gears and a bearing to support the load.

Magnetic servo clutches from DAGU

After years of being frusatrated by stripped gears in my servos I have finally done something about it. DAGU is now producing servo clutches to suit 8g and 9g miniature servos.

Unlike normal servo savers, Dagu servo clutches can be continuously rotated without damage to the clutch or the servo. They look like a servo horn but are a few millimeters thicker. They can be configured for both standard and continuous rotation servos. Here are some common configurations:

Small (low-cost) servo gripper for TROBOT
This is a simple gear driven servo gripper, laser cut out of ABS.  Designed to be a low-cost addition to my TROBOT 4.0 project. Servo drives one gipper finger … Read more

photoresistor to control servo

After looking up some info on photoresistors and finding some good info on this site http://www.societyofrobots.com/schematics_photoresistor.shtml ....  i set up a voltage divider using the photoresistor and had it connected with a led ... which would light up or turn off depending how much light was getting to the photoresistor. I then thought it would be cool to connect this to my arduino and controll a servo .... similar to the set up using the potentiometer ...

infrared sensors

I've got two sets of phototransistors and infrared emitters put together to make two IR distance sensors. They are both connected in the same way, both powered by my Arduino Uno, both with the same resistor, etc. But when I check the values I'm getting from them, one of them ranges from about 980 - 1010, with the higher value closest to the sensor. The other, however, goes from about 350 - 570, with the higher value the furthest from the sensor.

navigate in various ways, teach me about robotics
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Hi! MAEP 2.0 is the second version of MAEP (please check it out if you haven't already). I won't go into all the details about things that are the same as the … Read more