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Microphone programming on picaxe

Summer is here and I am trying to do as much programming with my robot as possible... so....

Ok I was looking for a forum or something on programming a microphone for picaxe so I can play it back on my speaker but found nothing. If anyone knows of a forum that has done this already please tell me! 

Ohterwise I want to hook up a microphone witch i believe i know how to do- http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/docs/picaxe_sound.pdf

but I do not know how to program it at all. So if anyone has more knowledge than me(which is a good possibility) then please tell me. 

How do I filter audio?

I just successfully hooked up an electret microphone to my PC, without burning either. I use a very simple circuit to pre-amplify the signal, using a single general purpose transistor (2n3904). The microphone is electrically separated from the amp by a capacitor (.1 uF). The same trick (.01 uF) is used between amp and PC.

Audacity is able to record sound and display levels. I am getting decent range across the audible spectrum.

using a microphone as sensor

I have a couple of headset microphones, and I would like to use them as sound sensors..

I tried to amplify the signal using LM386, but it doens´t work.. can someone help me on this?