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Biped that navigates via Ultrasound. (4-servo walker, inspired by seeing BoB)
Using a
Posting my first robot on LMR. I've been obsessed with robots my whole life, so I'm sad I didn't find this place earlier! Anyway, onto this robot... I've been keen … Read more
Walking, standing, sitting down
Here is my current project, bipedal robot. Nowadays, I am trying to make it walking. Harder than I thought before. It has 6 DOF per leg. Parts of Robot:  - 3mm, … Read more
This is D-100, my first full-sized humanoid robot. Obviously he has a lot of design issues, but I had three project goals: 1# Make it walk 2# Make it smart 3# Make … Read more
     (In the video,you can see ARB walking.  Watch it, its pretty neat!) Read more
This is my second proyect i decided to make a biped ( in emulation of the metal gear saga ) the circuit that controls the servos consists in a pic16f88 and i also … Read more