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Motor Control for 6WD Wild Thumper

Open call for suggestions:

I own a bare 6WD chassis "Wild Thumper" by Dagu, designed by Oddbot. And I have (2) "racing packs". Those are basically 6 NiCd cells in series, providing 7.2 Volts nominally. The motors are rated for 6 V. Stall current is listed as 5.5 A.

Even the most basic speed control will need some sort of amplifier for the PWM signal. Let's start very simple. Just speed control. Just one motor. One direction. What kind of transistor shall I buy? And what kind of circuit shall I use?

¬†These kits have been discontinued and are no longer available ¬† This is the FET version of the giant servo kit from Oatley Electronics. Will easily handle … Read more

H bridges and transistors

There have been a lot of questions lately about transistors, NPN vs PNP, Bipolar or BJT vs FET and their use in "H" bridges. I had considered doing a tip/walkthrough on the subject but typing "transistor" into google gave lots of great results. Same happened when I typed in "H bridge design". I realised I would be wasting my time writing a tip/walkthrough on either subject as there is better more detailed explainations already available. So for those who are afraid to google I present these links.