Let's Make Robots!


Recently DAGU developed some educational cardboard robot kits. To promote these kits we built a child sized version and added some simple IR sensors so that the … Read more

Canadian Stores

Hello guys. I live in Canada and wanted to ask if any of you know good suppliers of robot parts in Canada. This includes electronics, hardware, discrete components, motors, sensors, breakout boards ect. Basically anything that would be useful in building robots. I like to support local companies and want to save on shipping costs/waiting times. The majority of things I order ship from the US, China or Hong Kong. Please don't give me big companies like Digikey, RobotShop ect. that have offices everywhere.

The Store, Part 2

Well, hello again everyone. Thought I would do a little update on the store. It has an official name now, the website is set up , and website design is almost complete. I also have a few robot designs ready to sell, including the start here robot.


Of course, I would love to have more robot designs to sell. If you would like yours to be one of them, please contact me!



The Store

Alright, well I have already made a somewhat succesful post about my online robotics store that I am starting up, but I have decided to also make a blog/some blog entries on the subject.


Heres the deal: I am looking for people that would like to have their robot design sold on the site. Anyone who decides they want it on the site would get their name on the purchase page and a ink to their site/lmr profile/other online thing etc.

So anyone that would like to have their robot design in the store please comment on this blog post.