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Some more unusual servo reactions in "start here" robot *FIXED*

I put together the "start here" robot and it worked perfectly, I then put together a chassis (foamcore, glue gun and thick wire), added a switch to turn it on/off and added a LED so it could communicate a few things and help debug. All this worked well but then I turned it on again and now the servo is acting completely erraticaly. In the "whichway" subroutine it now only looks left and then proceeds to move forward. Every time.

PICAXE or Arduino For Starters

I am just starting out in the field of robotics, and I am looking for someplace to start.
I was wondering if anyone had anysuggestions on which hardware I should learn first.
My end goal is to be able to control my bots remotely via wireless of some kind.
I have listed two of the kits I am looking at getting below. One is the PICAXE starter kit from LMR and the other is a starter bundle for Arduino's from Solarbotics. Any suggestions would be welcome.

LMR Starter Kit

The Pulse - 2010w21

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Vex Starter Kit

Im pretty new to robotics ,about 3 mon experience, but ive already built about 4 working robots, i work 6-7 days a wk and dont have alot of time to worry about getting all my different parts together for building a new robot so i am looking at buying a vex starter kit. I am wondering what its mech, elec, and programming limitations are and what programmer to get if i buy it.

28 X2 stack kit, or a canuck kit

So after dealing with Advanced Micro Shiters Services, I bought my kit off a Canadian company, HVW Tech. Calgary based it was bought by Solar Robotics quite recently.


Pretty good deal, about 50$ CAD gets you:

- 'AXE Stack-28 kit
- PICAXE Programming Cable
- 2-Panel Solderless Breadboard
- Breadboard Voltage Regulator Kit
- 140 Piece Wiring Kit


They called me the day after I ordered to tell me that the wiring kit was out of stock but would send it when they had it. 

PICkit 1 Flash Starter Kit

Does anyone have the PICkit 1 Flash Starter Kit because iff you do can you please post a robot using it.

i have bought one because its a "Starter Kit" so its for begginners right.

so i just want to know more about it from you guys.

thanx for reading