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Topics for Lumi's next photoshoot

Occasionally Lumi does a photo shoot with some very pretty girls and is good enough to share with us. I would like to get suggestions for Lumi's next photo shoot. There is no guarantee he can or will do it but we can still ask.

Max's gifs often make me wish Lumi could do a photoshoot like that. Hopefully Max can post a few here for inspiration. This was my inspiration for this post:

Please post suggestions of what you would like to see as a theme for Lumi's next photo shoot.

New LMR Banner - Hi resolution photos required

Please tell me your nationality!
So far I have received about 30 photos from about 9 people. I need at least 80! I want to put your flag in the corner of your photos so people can see that LMR consist of members from around the world. In some cases I have received photos but no mention of nationality.

Some members such as myself were born in one country but now live in another. In that case you may want to display 2 flags or a hybrid flag. These were sent to me by Lumi and Dickel.


So I was going to post a blog with a picture but I can but the picture was about my robot  SOLAR-1. It has a IR sensor, a Light sensor, 2 LEDs, Picaxe mircocontroller and that all of the major part of the robot. It will avoid object and when its in a dark place it will turn two a very bright blue LEDs located above the light sensor. Thats all for now cheack back next time for some updates

Ever feel like your being watched?

I was checking some samples to go to Germany and had a strange feeling that I was being watched.


Maybe this job is getting to me. (all the eyes....)

This is a quick and dirty guide on how to prepare your photos for use on LMR. Good photos are easier to look at (duh), hold the readers interest longer, and … Read more
Wanders around taking photos of interesting things
Using a
I've hacked a cheap camera and mounted on a pan / tilt neck assembly. Pictomatix MkII only has 64Mb of non upgradeable camera memory so unfortunately he can only … Read more