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AXE027 usb cable driver problems

Hello I have just purchased the start here kit and everything has bin going well up to the point of instaling the driver for the usb cable. I was able to get the programing editor no problem, but the driver for the usb is not working I have bin fidling with it for 2 days but with no sucsses. I cannot figure out how to contact picaxe about the driver problem so i was wondering if anyone has any ideas or ways on how to get the cable to work (for the record my pc runs on vista premium)? any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Advice on my next robotics project.

Hmm, I decided to come here on the off chance some one might be able to give me some advice.

I wouldn't say I'm an "absolute" beginner as I do have some experience with robotics, but its only been from kits, I haven't built and programmed something from scratch yet. Over the years I have collecteda great deal of items which I feel may be useful to create some form of robot, but its hard to know exactly where to start. Here are the details as follows:

Need help choosing a microcontroller and motor driver for a certain robot!

I am thinking of building a robot and I need help choosing a microcontroller and motor driver(s). I was thinking of something like the Arduino, Axon II, Motoruino, or Orangutan SVP-328. Something with a USB programming interface would be nice. The robot I intend on making should have about drive 3+ servos, 2 motors/motor driver (maybe with encoders), two ultrasonic rangefinders, LCD, and maybe some other sensors (buttons, gyros, etc). Any other microcontrollers you could suggest would be helpful. 

ok i need someone who knows about nortons and thevenins also maximum power

ok i got this assignemt today to do for tomorrow i have done the first question but i dont understand the second one can anyone help me out i would love it.

a circuit to make a 3 way switch

Thanks a lot for the support you people showed last time. I want to make a circuit which has 2 LEDs and a normal on/off switch (at least) and other components as required. The circuit should function like this- When i turn the switch on for the 1st time, LED 1 glows but LED 2 remains switched off. When i turn the switch off for the 1st time, both LED 1 and 2 remain off. When i turn the switch on for the 2nd time, LED 2 glows but LED 1 remains switched off. When i turn the switch off for the 2nd time, both LED 1 and 2 remain off. Please provide me with a circuit diagarm for the same and

a circuit to distinguish between 3 given sound clips.

hello guys I am totally new to the world of robotics but am trying to build my 1st robo. Please tell me how to make a circuit which can distinguish between 3 given sounds clips on the basis of frequency, amplitude or the sound itself prefarably without using a PIC because i dont know much programming. Thanks.

a circuit to distinguish between sounds of different frequencies

hello guys I am totally new to the world of robotics but am trying to build my 1st robo. Please tell me how to make a circuit which can distinguish between 3 given sounds clips on the basis of frequency, amplitude or the sound itself prefarably without using a PIC because i dont know much programming. Thanks.

Teensy/Arduino IDE Help


Bought one of these bad boys from -Adafruit- yesterday!

USB native hehe! but not here yet. (of couse used USPS first class)

need a bit o' help though. i want to get those .HEX files after Arduino compiles them. I am on a mac. where are those hex files?

tried searching  but, no luck probaly in .tmp folder :p.

Any help would appreciated!





Parallax Incremental Rotary Encoder

I've found an awesome rotary encoder (I believe it was the smallest on Rootshop) but I have no idea how to use it? I believe there's an input, a ground and a signal pin, but I don't know how to configure it or anything. I'm going to be using it with an arduino.

I've digged the web and have found no documentation. Just sayin

Thanks ;)This thing is approximatively a 2,5 cm cube

BarkTrak Trailer sugestions help


Hi All,

I've been busy with my robot recently. I've rebuilt the voltage regulator, added a battery monitor all situated on the newly fitted expansion boards on the rear. The battery is now housed in the battery housing (Great place to house it really.)

I've also revisited my loft and found BigTrak's trailer.

IR detection

Hi LMR! in need some help with a ir opponent detector. how do you make 38khz signal from a picaxe?


my first circuit

As anyone who has seen any of my earlier posts may have noticed, I am very problem-prone. I am, however certain that all my problems branch from my inexperience, could anyone with a bit of spare time look over the circuit and code I have below and spot the obvious mistake that must be there (missing capacitor, resistor, etc.)

this circuit is loaded with (note that there is a buton in-between the 5v and pin6)
this should make the light be on when I press the buton if I am to believe the simulation, intead it is always on.

code problem, wiring problem or broken picaxe?

I am a noob so I am sorry if  this is obvious.

I am using a picaxe 20m and having an issue, when I am checking if a switch is high or low (if pin7 = 1 then ...), on all of my inputs except pin7, me touching or being near the wire is enough to flash it between 1 and 0. it is finding enough voltage from my hand to trigger, it will do this even on the simplest codes, any help would be well appreciated.

Thanks in advance

High Speed Photography Help!

Hello everyone!

this is my first post so im pretty excited haha.

i want to know how to create something so i can shoot high speed photography.

an example of what i would like to do is of a water droplet hitting a bowl of water and snapping a picture when the "crown" (part of the water which gets drawn up from the result of disrupting the water bowl".

i was thinking about a laser activated "flash" which fires the flash of the camera after the beam is broken, but it should have a delay so i can fine tune it and get the perfect image.

Answers beginner questions on how to post pictures on LMR.
I see a lot of questions on the forums sometimes where a member asks the person to post a picture, and the person doesn't know how to do it. Well, here's how to do … Read more

Transition Ideas

I'm making a sort of alternate version of yellow drum machine. It uses the sharp proximity sensor. I was wondering how I would make the robot transition from navigating to playing the drums on the next object it encounters. I was thinking a switch, but that seems to weird. I want it to switch by itself. 

I wander how fritsl got his drum machine to transition.

Thinking of XBee Communication, a few questions before I jump in

What I intend to do is create a wireless link between my robot and my laptop, for remote serial programming, and remote control.

I posess a PICAXE 28X1 project board that i wish to connect with an XBee module.

From what I've seen in http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/docs/axe210.pdf an AXE210 is suggested. On page 9 however, we find that the XBee is only connected to the AXE by three pins: two inputs and one output.

Line following/normal mode switching?

I was wondering ; can you upgrade start here robot to a line follower and switch between line following and the normal mode by clicking/switchng a button! Cause i want it to go from my kitchen to my sofa so my mom can place a can of coce on it and press the button and volia! I heard of the new picaxe upgrade that has a remote control! that would help :)

No response from SRF05!

Hello, I am trying to connect a SRF05 to my 28x1 PICAXE starterkit.

 Using the "start here" guide and the How to connect SRF05 to Picaxe 28 pin Project board
I am able to make the SRF05 LED flash like the guide says it should, however I am not able to receive any input in debug.

I have connected every wire like in the picture and I am only using the program provided. 

Common Electronics Knowledge Questions

Hi LMR. I have already made a robot, as you may know, but all I did (on the physical/electrical side of things) was plug a few cables into the pre-made servo ports on the Board of Education, as my copy of Electronics for Dummies told me to do. I read the entire thing, but they explained a few things in a way I didn't understand. Like the names for stuff, and what each means. Until now, I thought voltage was a measure of battery capacity. I FAIL, I know. I've sorted it out, so now I know about amps and volts, but I have a couple technical questions regarding electricity.

Large Solenoid Actuator driven Display

Hello, I am new to this site so I hope you won’t mind if I ask a few questions that I am sure are going to sound quite amateurish to most of you. 

I am an American living in Berlin working on a collaboration between two art research institutes here.  I have been given the task of putting together a proposal for a dynamic moving display. That will be featured next year as part of a conference on kinesthesia. 


 hello everybody here...!!!

Actually m from india . speaking straight, " i can't spend much but also can't live without robotics".

so please give me some advices to not to kill my love towards robotics. i m a student of electronics but here in my college we do not have such facalities for electronics students. so please guide me about how to begin and what resources to use to get over the money problem. 

i really need your help.......!!!!

help in building a robot

Hi every one..i am a first year student of mechanical engineering i want to build a robot so can any one help me out in this...

tilt sensor connection need help!

i just got one of these: (sharp-gp1s36hez tilt sensor)

 tilt sensor

and im not sure about these schematics and i thought you could help me connect this to a picaxe 28x1 project boad and a 5 volt regulator!!!

it should be simple! :D

what is wrong with my code?!

i dont know what's wrong with my code!

i made a simple code that should make my robot simply avoid walls, stuff etc.

i placed SC-QR-1 (my robot's name) upside-down and pressed [F5] (the "run" shortcut) and watched him move his cute little robot legs..     WTF?

the new code seemed to work untill the walk part was over and he started to turn..    ..left.        and then again left and again and again..    etc.

he is suposed to keep walking!!!

need help finding axon microcontroller


 i heve been lookig for a microcontroller that fitted me and so i found the axon

but all the shops i have found selling this is in USA or Canada

so i need help finding a shop in europe that sells the axon microcontroller

do anyone know where to get the axon?

please tell me!

but remember! the shop has to be inside europe!!!


here is a picture of it

axon microcontroller

Robotic Crane using PIC16f or 8051

hey! i'm planning to make a robotic crane.and i reallly need help.

the basic idea is to build a robot WITH PIC16F877A (OR 8051) which carries magnetic loads(it has other auxilliary functions as well)

NEED HELP! with my motor controller

Hello guys. I'm creating a RF controlled 2.5kg sumo bot. I'm a mechanical engg. student and so don't have much knowledge in electronics.

Basically I need to create a 10Amp motor driver for driving 2 12V dc motors,10A each using relays.
Buttons on remote control:

2           3

1-Move Forward
2-Rotate Anticlockwise
3-Rotate Clockwise

I'm planning to use these schematics for radio controlling

how do i use the srf005??

jubiii!!!   i finally got my robot working but i don't know how i use the srf05/srf005....

i connected it like the drawing i found from "frits1"so that the mini-LED was flashing...   but how do i USE it???

you know...   how can i tell it to do something when the disance is ....cm and then do something else when the distace is ..........cm??       

plz tell me!


also! here is a test of the robot !