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Warns me when a parcel or letter enters the Post box - "FireFly" Themed
     For years now i have wanted to "Hot-Wire" my Mail/Parcel Box, unfortunately most mail boxes in CH can only be found on the ground floor (strange but true) … Read more


Hi guys! I'm new here, but I've been following this website for quite sometime. So I decided to create an account today. Anway, I have multiple robotic projects going on, but I wanted to introduce myself first.


I'm currently a high school senior, but I will be attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute fall of this year. I'm planning on majoring in electrical engineering and duel major in computer engineering.


Rearranging Best Practices

This might actually belong in the Wish-list topic, but since my text is so long I've made it a new topic.


It is a reoccurring problem that people post stuff on our site without respecting the "Best Practise" advises. This is simply because they dont read it, or have forgot that they've ever read it...