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Looking for circuit layout tips

Alright, I am trying to keep it small and get along with the tool I am using to create the layout. I am fairly sure I am pushing the limits. I am curious if I will be able to do a toner transfer of this layout. Enough talk, here comes the pic.

full size 

I recently got in a few parts to complete my smd soldering station and I would like to share my experience along with you. I found that I have started wanting … Read more

Tips for making a robot multi-task

I have a robot, and my robot has a brain. However, my robot's brain can only think about one thing at a time. I can set I/O pins high or low, and they will stay there until I change them, but that isn't going to work. Here's the deal:

Rearranging Best Practices

This might actually belong in the Wish-list topic, but since my text is so long I've made it a new topic.


It is a reoccurring problem that people post stuff on our site without respecting the "Best Practise" advises. This is simply because they dont read it, or have forgot that they've ever read it...