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Rotary Platform

Hi All,

I am making an rotary platform for my product photoshoot. i want to take 360' picture of product which i would later use with 123D catch by autodesk  to make an 3d model which i would later use for editing in Cinema4d and finally use it in game development in Unity3D.


LMR Starter KIT


I've completed the starter kit turorial on this site, ordering the whole package from solarbotics containing all the components.

Now i want to upgrade to using a platform like this one:


but im not sure weather to order with or without the board that is optional, and im not sure if my picaxe28 is able to run these motors.

Please help me understand how i can tell the difference on parts that i can use, and parts i cannot use.

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Basic platform - On the cheap

Hi, I'm planning to make a small set of self designed swarm bots.

 In terms of a mechanical platform, what's my best bet. My criteria are cheapness and easiness. Ideally, it should cost < $25 per platform, and be easy to make.

 So far, I'm thinking of pairing two solarbotics GM9 gearmotors and wheels with a thin wood base, and a third caster-esque wheel.

 Is this the best way to go?