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geared motor

Surveillance robot controlled by remote control. autonomous upgrades to follow
What in inspired me to build this machine: I was always fascinated with robots and how they worked. I was further inspired by superdroid robots's wheeled platforms … Read more
PIR motion sensor and also other useful stuff like motor with gears, LED, switches, 3 AA batteries and connectors
Hi! A friend of mine reminded me of a cheap source of electronic components that can be used in robots. And the best thing is you can find it in every … Read more

huge gearedmotor

i have two geared motors but it isn`t small like normal geared motors that you use ,it`s huge ( in fact it`s a car with two geared motors one in each side ) ,so when i connect the two motors to  two 9v batteries in series it works very short time like a minute or something ,then the batteries is dead , what can i do ?????

please help.