Let's Make Robots!


Lieutenant Dan is my entry in a junkbot contest. The "sponsor" wanted humanoids. I think Lt. Dan qualifies as a humanoid, even though only the top half of one. Read more

I really underestimated the creepiness...

So I've got "Dan" mostly built, just a few things remaining. Time to start working on the code.

As the title says, though, I really underestimated just how creepy this thing would look with this styrofoam doll head.


I'm gonna have to do something about that...


Here's my little prototype Arduino knockoff. I'm calling it the Pseuduino. Yeah, I know, the world doesn't need more Arduino knockoffs, but I don't care, I wanted one anyway! Besides, it was still cheaper than buying someone else's version (about 7-8 USD)(cheaper if futurlec would actually get parts delivered).

I know, not a very original name. It was that or "Simple junkbot for a boring, rainy Sunday afternoon", but I figured that was too long to type repeatedly. This is … Read more