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Picaxe 8M

For the sake of it, I wanted to see if I could make a really simple biped - and this is what I came up with :) I thought it was really fun to do, much more than … Read more
Yesterday I finetuned the code for ladybug independent moves. I excluded the IR TV remote controll functionality because infrain function on 08M is somehow … Read more
produce chaotic drawings with his pen
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Adding some infos: I use LDR for two purposes: 1) gather random bits in order to affect motor speed (PWM) 2) determine if the robot is stuk. Comparing subsequent … Read more
Hello everyone. This is my next post on this site. This time I would like to introduce you my next project the "BIG M Stepper".                     This … Read more
Zweirad Roboter
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Hallo, This is my second robot with Picaxe 8M. The Robot has: - two gearmotors RB-35; 50:1; 12V, -12V; 1,2Ah, - Picaxe 8M, - one mechanical sensor mith 6 metal … Read more