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Some presents are on it's way....

I am waiting to get some presents in the mail for some future projects...



avrdude error after bootloading ATmega 168

First of all thanks to LMR,when ever I have posted any topics you guys helped me any way you can.Well there is a little problem I came up with today.

After seeing oddbot's post on bootloading.I decided to bootload an unused chip(ATmega 168).I didn't have any ISP programmer.So I decided to use my arduino severino(Atmega 168,Bootloaded) as ARDUINO as An ISP method.

The targetboard is a  Freeduino   (ATmega 168A-PU

here is the picture

Short description This is cr3cX, a robot I am building for my son to play with, and with the hope to teach him some programming. Current version is cr3c4. Read more

Rocket Brand Studios now carries the Micro Magician


A wonderful package showed up today and inside were the first batch of the new Dagu Micro Magician Arduino board. Put simply, it is awesome.



It is really packed full of goodness, with IR, a sweet motor driver, and even an accelerometer. Just a great board for small bots.

uploading programme

I have almost done making my first robot.bt before that i still have a lot of ques to ask.

one of it is whenever I upload programme.My robot seems to working fine.But after some time (it can be one day or one hour) it starts malfunctioning.if i reupload the programme then it is back to normal again.Can anybody tell me what could possibly doing this.and i am using atmega 168 in arduino s3v3.

i'm soon going to post my works.and i could never have done it without LMR.lots of thanks


Tells you what pipes to hit to play certain songs
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Here's my little prototype Arduino knockoff. I'm calling it the Pseuduino. Yeah, I know, the world doesn't need more Arduino knockoffs, but I don't care, I wanted one anyway! Besides, it was still cheaper than buying someone else's version (about 7-8 USD)(cheaper if futurlec would actually get parts delivered).