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Some presents are on it's way....

I am waiting to get some presents in the mail for some future projects...



avrdude error after bootloading ATmega 168

First of all thanks to LMR,when ever I have posted any topics you guys helped me any way you can.Well there is a little problem I came up with today.

After seeing oddbot's post on bootloading.I decided to bootload an unused chip(ATmega 168).I didn't have any ISP programmer.So I decided to use my arduino severino(Atmega 168,Bootloaded) as ARDUINO as An ISP method.

The targetboard is a  Freeduino   (ATmega 168A-PU

here is the picture

Short description This is cr3cX, a robot I am building for my son to play with, and with the hope to teach him some programming. Current version is cr3c4. Read more

uploading programme

I have almost done making my first robot.bt before that i still have a lot of ques to ask.

one of it is whenever I upload programme.My robot seems to working fine.But after some time (it can be one day or one hour) it starts malfunctioning.if i reupload the programme then it is back to normal again.Can anybody tell me what could possibly doing this.and i am using atmega 168 in arduino s3v3.

i'm soon going to post my works.and i could never have done it without LMR.lots of thanks


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