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picaxe 28x1 programing help

HELP USB AXE027 won't load drivers

I have just assembled the BOT V2.0 with my grandson and went to start programing with the USB AXE027 and found I can not get the drivers to download. What am I missing?


Mr. General Picaxe programming

Last weekend my Mr. General set arrived, and I put it together. It's working, for the most part...I've written out some simple programs for my 28x1 picaxe and tested all the individual parts.  I can turn all the servos, read the light meter readings from the eye in debug mode, and make the LEDs flash.  But the included code to run it all together doesn't seem to work (the robot just sort of twitches) and I am looking for some inspiration from other bits of code to try out.  So if anyone has Mr. General code to share, I'd be interested.

Picaxe programming

I ve been trying to write a code for my robot, but no luck. This is for a school project so it is sort of urgent. I tried adapting Frits Start here robot code. I will learn coding but i dont have the time at the moment.

if anybody could help that would be great !