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What digital servo uses a Atmel 168 internally?

Several months ago I read a post on LMR about a digital servo that was controlled by a Atmel 168. Now when I say controlled, I don't mean hooking a servo to a microcontroller the normal way, I mean the motor controller board inside the servo had a Amtel 168 chip on it.

Just to clarify - I'm not trying to figure out how to control a servo with a microcontroller (like an arduino). I'm looking for a servo that uses an atmel chip on the controller board inside the servo.

Simple Line follower, with additional ability to stop when objects are detected in front of it and turn around when the end of a line is detected.
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I need to learn Arduino yesterday!

G'day everyone. I have been asked to do some consultancy work for DAGU electronics and need to learn the atmega processors ASAP. I can design the hardware ok but will need some help with the software. My first concern is can an Arduino control 8 servos?

I want to try and have the polymorph caterpillar running off of an Arduino processor in a week ! :0

After a quick panic, I regained my senses and did a site search. Ok an Arduino can control 8 servos but I will still need help.

Any suggestions on on software libraries? Can anyone translate picaxe basic into C?