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Phidget servo

Super Star !

Playing around.  Please send links to your friends if you think it is fun!

Talk to the hand! Er, gripper?

OK.  So everyone fumbles sometimes in life, and in this blog post with video, I fumble perfectly.

LOL, I'm normally dry and boring but here I'm controlling my phidget arm with my mouse and attempting give it a voice, and character while acting a bit silly.  I fail horribly. tee hee. I'm such a buffoon!


Failures and Lessons In Robotics

Trying to play catch up and getting a bit discouraged with my phidget servo control.  I'm starting to wonder If i can work with my boebot and have better results for the fun factor. Still,  I'm going to try and move forward on this project and hope I see some real progress here soon.

First video: