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XMOS based XC1 robot which tracks your hand

Just happened to find this on youtube. Is not by me, but is a cute video none the less so I thought I would share it:

Cute little XMOS XC1 robot


So :)


There seems to be a good ammount of people here from both the picaxe and arduino camps, im an arduino man myself and havent really played with any pic kits.


What id like to know is if there is any advantage with one over the other, or even any other alternatives?

Whats your preference on things?  

Multiple Processors

Not sure if this goes in here or programming ... I was wondering if it is possible to write to the brains of our boards using C+/+ or vis basic. net etc. I have grown up with Q/Basic and the only problem i havewith it is it can only excecute one program line at time, impossible for multiple executions of sub modules. And i was wondering if the above case = false, is it possible to have a couple of boards to process the same thing, talk to each other but action different modules? Difficult question maybe i know.. but thats me :P