Let's Make Robots!


Silas and SMD

So, someone was in my lab looking for batteries and knocked over my SMD passives container.  Luckly, the resistors didn't make it out, but all the 0603 green and yellow LEDs, along with a 3.3v SOT-23 regs were lost.

Sooooooo....guess who learned to use tweezers, how to identify LEDs, and what a "SOWT-TWENIE-DREE" was?

This kid,


Ok, shameless parent brag is over.

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Another great idea that I didn't have

The Arduino Experimentation Kit (from oomlout) is a pretty damn slick thing. Usually I'm one of the shit talkers about Oomlout's stuff (they think a lot of their laser cut plastic). This thing isn't quite as pricey as I'd expect from them though. At 80 USD it _might_ actually be worth buying the kit instead of ordering parts from different places (and then paying multiple shipping charges).

Future Robotics Engineers

Check it out everyone. We had our first Arduino class. I was excited to see how many parent & child participants showed up. We were expecting 12 total but had double that!

Here are some photos.