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Hotend and filament - What to get?

G'day all o/

Just a quick question. I at the buying of hotend stage of my Prusa i2 build and am confussed with all these filament and nozzle diameter options. 

What do you think would be the best filament size? 3 or 1.75mm? What is the difference in application?

What nozzle size should I get? Something bigger or something smaller? Again, what can I expect out of either?

Pin Connector size for picaxe

Hi everyone,

My first post here. Started reading this couple of weeks ago and have most of the parts for the start here project. 

Question itself - I am having trouble getting pin connector blocks here in uk and am not sure about the sizes. I AM a beginner here so please bear with me. I have bought 0.1" female pin crimps to make my own jumper cables, however, when I try to hook that up to picaxe board its loose. I assume that thats the wrong size.

So what size pins are they and where in UK could I get them? Or am I completely out of my depths? 

Jansen Walker Toy (sized) Bot

Hello everyone,

This is my first post here, don't be rough.

I stumbled on the this site about a month ago while doing research on a bot i'm building that's similar to Rik's current Jansen Leg project, that's actually what I was searching for when I found the site.

Anyway, I wanted all of you input on my project, my version uses a similar leg design and I'm curently planning on powering it with two servos and an Arduino-clone.