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it just drives around and shoots Nerf bullets at people
Using a
it took me while to work out how to use the cheapo motor driver, but once i did it worked pretty good  once the remote is turned off / goes out of range, it will … Read more

Pop Rivet Gun

So I was doing some riveting a little while ago when the mandrel of one of the pop rivets got stuck in my rivet gun. It had snapped off but it still remained stuck in the gun. I have attempted to remove it but all attempts have failed. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for how to remove the mandrel. Thanks

Launches anything you can put in it
This is something I made because I wanted to be able to fire something from a robot. On the inside of the end cap there are two insulated wire holders that are used … Read more
Emits bright light and loud noises =D
Around the end of February every year there's a 'Chinese Lantern Festival' that happens in my city. Lots of junk to buy, cool lanterns, interesting food, and most … Read more

Coil Gun Rifle

I have been making soem good progress on the Coil Gun Rifle:



Larger images in attachments.


picaxe as a turret controller?

i just finished a turrent with 2 DOF =180 degree right/left and 180 degree up/down.

now..   i would like to have a camera on it(and other stuff like roborealm) to make it autonomus and motion detecting! :D

and right now i have a spare picaxe, but would that ever work with a camera?? or even roborealm for that matter?

and if not(my guess..) then please help me chose a good controller to work with my turret(or sentry?)!

please comment!  :D

And now for something completely different!

** Update **

I delivered the gun to KJ precision engineering for testing. It has been named "Soldestroyer" by my former boss.