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Dagu Robotic Arm 6DoF - Bacuri02 Project

I recently received my Dagu Robotic Arm 6 DOF with Arexx control board 32 servos.

My original project is to use an Arduino Mega to control the arm and then make a wifi connection joystick control.

As I have not received my Arduino Mega board, I started tinkering in Arexx control board that I received along with the robotic arm. Along with the kit also came with a CD ROM which I believed the program to be installed on the computer to control the arm.

Locates fires and puts them out.
Using a
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DAGU electronics and LMR robots

As many of you know, DAGU Electronics is now going to mass produce my Caterpillar Robot and SplatBot MkII. They are looking at LMR and may produce other LMR robots in the future.  Keep this in mind when you post your robots. Show how you made your robot. They will pay well for good designs.

I do not want adds on our site so I will post reviews on their products in the component section as I have done with the Asuro robot. If you see a product you like then contact me. 

This is an educational robot kit produced by Dagu electronics based on the atmega 8 processor. The kit comes with all parts including a manual, CD, serial cable and … Read more