Let's Make Robots!


Saying "Goodbye" to an old friend. (Dead robot)

Today, I looked around my workspace, and decided to retire a long defunct project.

Death Mobile

A small Death Mobile of mine


Motor Coupling broke as well the steering shaft :(

Now it is extra deadly, No steering!

Reuseum, store.reuseum.com

Hi there all,

I'm building an online store for the surplus technology company, the Reuseum, and would greatly appreciate feedback regarding making it better and stocking useful things. We have lots of components and such, odd bits of tech and other randoms. Your help is greatly appreciated and if you do decide that you would like to buy something from store.reuseum.com, let me know you are from LMR and I'll stash some cool extra goodies for ya.



Hack videos

I thought I'd start a blog with videos of the various junk I come across and promptly dismantle. It's sort of to inspire what is a minor form of electronic recycling and sort of to show the LMRtians what kind of stuff I have at my disposal. If you see something you like in a video, let me know, I might be able to get it for you.

I'll work on my narration as I go along as well. Bear with me :)

Reuse Those Servos!

I'm kind of new here, so here is my first post. It might seem dumb at first, but I think it's a great idea. I've read a lot of posts about people frying their servos (hint: fritsl's cheap tiny blue ones, said so himself! :), so I came up with a money saving solution. REUSE THE SERVOS! YA! 

Servos are expensive after all, and they do have some good gears and they mount easily. So if you fry one, I wouldn't panic too much. 

See, why would you want to spend money on this-