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Completes missions, follow IR commands, "search & destroy", avoids traps
Using a
Several months ago I have found on my "homestock" pair of metal tuning treads for Heng Long Panzer Tiger. Had no idea what to do with that I put it back. Later I … Read more
Assists Boy Scouts with Camping Activities
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ScoutBot 1402 is a Robot Designed to take camping with Boy Scout Troop 1402. It is a rather large and heavy Robot, it stands about 5 feet tall, and weighs in at … Read more

Heavy Duty Mechanical Components

Hey Guys,

I'm looking to make a semi-functional heavy duty robotic arm.  It's for an art project so it won't need absolute precision, it's more for aesthetics and entertainment.  The arm could potentially be 4-5 feet but it wouldn't need to lift anything except itself or a flashlight.

I have a handle on programming, metal fabrication, and electronics.  

Drive train for Heavy robots

I'm trying to build a robot that is vision based. To do that I'm using roborealm (Amazing software its FREE!!!!) but it neeeds to run on a PC. I can't seem to find a cheep drive train to move the computer + a light weight robotic arm. Can someone please help me?!!!