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PICAXE28x1, Sharp IR Sensor and Infrared sensor problems

Hi everyone,


I'm making a robot project for my mechatronics course and I am using picaxe28x1 with an infrared range sensor that I just copied from the Start Here post here at LMR. I did everything, and exactly the same set up like what the guy did. Howeve because we are required to make at least one of our own infrared circuit, I added an infrared sensor (with a transmitter and receiver circuit and a LED indicator) circuit together with the servo and the Sharp IR sensor. I did the set up and wrote my program but it's not doing the job.

PWMOUT only on two output, that are really inputs?

Am I reading the manual (section 2, page 128) correctly? Can I only use the PWMOUT on 2 specific ports on my 28X1?

This would mean that I can't run more than two outputs with pwm, and that has to be the digital in/outs 1 and 2, so there's no hope of running it through the onboard L293D??

I must have missed something, surely there is a way around this. Pulsout maybe? I'm R'ing T. F'ing M. now, but if somebody already knows the answer, that would be helpful..





pwmout newbie questions

Why is this code not registering on my multimeter?

#picaxe 28x1

pwmout 2 , 62, 250 ' 100% @ 16 Khz
pause 2000

pwmout 2 , 62, 25  '  10% @ 16 Khz
pause 2000
goto main

I measure DC over GND and digital output pin #2. And it keeps reading 0 V. Is the pwm too fast for my meter? Should I put a cap in/accross?