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arduino code


Good evening everyone,

I would like to share the WMR code I use to make my robot work. The code is based on a code with a German description. I managed to translate it to Dutch and after that I translated it to English. I would like some feedback on this, because it's quitte possible, that I made a few mistakes after translating two times. The command lines work fine, but it's the description. Fingers crossed.


YellowBot Source Code

I have not put togethger documentation for my Bots code. The code is evolving too quickly for detailed up front documentation. I would like tos tate that a primary goal of doing this Bot was to help me learn Object Oreinted Programming, as well as get me used to programming again. it's been 20 years since I've written something more than a simple shell. python or Perl script.

Thus I will warn you this code is chocked full of redundancies and inefficiencies. Bear with me, an old dog is learning new tricks, it's just taking time :) 

Object Avoidance Robot
Using a
Hello, finally I have finished my first robot, I named it "TurtleDuino"  (you'll see why?).     Read more