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Using Interrupts in PICAXE 08M to change led lighting routines

I was in the process of completing this carzy project of mine, where i had a single picaxe 08m chip driving four leds (green, red and amber). Its intended to give my four year old daughter something fun to look at. However I am a bit stuck as in teh code I can only get the interrupt to fire once via teh simulator. 

Any help will be appreciated.


symbol green_led = 0

symbol yellow_led = 1

symbol red_led = 2

AVR Interrupt Question

Hi all, here is my dilema:

I am attempting to fashion my own rotary encoder to detect wheel rotation speeds.  My approach is to use a disc with a slotted pattern cut into it and a photo interrupter.

This is the photo interrupter I have on hand: http://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Components/GP1A57HRJ00F.pdf 

Fun with timers and interrupts on Atmel Tiny26

A long time since my last post on this site... Anyway I've been experimenting a little with my Atmel Tiny26 uC today using AVR Studio 4 for development and the AVR ISP mkII programmer to program the uC.