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Electronics for homemade CNC machine

Hi all!

I plan to build CNC machine. I have already found 3 unipolar stepper motor from old printer.

Type of CNC will be like http://reprap.org/wiki/WolfStrap-English#WolfStrap-Fran.C3.A7ais

For electronic part I have two options:

cuts things out of wood, plastic and soft metals.
This is my cnc router. I built it by following the book/plans from buildyourcnc.com. I'm very happy with the results. I've still got a few modifications left to … Read more
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CNC machine smoke testing

My goal was to draw something in a CAD program, import it into Mach 3, and let the machine move through its paces to see if anything fell off, went up in smoke, caught fire, etc. I've attached a (crappy Blackberry) video of one of the first few times things worked as expected.

Computer Numerical Control. Process job request to mill oblects via 3 axis'.
Using a
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CNC - my summer obsession

Haven't posted anything for awhile - I've been busy building a CNC machine based on this book: Build Your Own CNC Machine (see http://buildyourcnc.com/Book.aspx for more details). The book very thoroughly describes the building techniques necessary to get up and running using the plans in the book and the suggested electronics.

Here are the basic materials I used (exact electronics specified in the book):