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Nicd battery pack

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Ok, so ive made a robot, still workin on it. However, im lookin to the next one already, and for it, i need an arduino. Im dead broke, but i saw Swapshop in the forums, and thought it was smart! however, the most recent post was like 2 weeks ago, and i'm lookin for more traffic then that.

I was cleanin my room (for once) and found this stuff. im unloadin a lot of my old stuff for cash, and heres a bit of it...

Nicd Battery pack (1800 MaH)

2 Tamiya Gearboxes and Wheels

2 Leaf-Spring Switches

2 Radio-Transmitter like parts

2 IR detectors

Tearing apart Nicd battery packs?

I was wondering if you could take apart a Nicd battery pack and use the cell like you would with any other battery.  Also would you be able to just put them in a regular battery charger to charge them.  Right now i can find 9.6v 600ma nicd battery pack for $3 so wanted to know that way I could have some for future use.