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picaxe 18x

Why does my motors stop spinning after awhile


Hi all,

I am on my second (well third if you count my incomplete herbie bot) and i have completed proto work on my project board with hook up wires. My basic code thru the PICAXE 18X is to keep pin 7 and 6 HIGH while 5 and 4 LOW as triggers to the inputs of a L293D motor driver. What I find is that for the most part the motors spin for a while and then stop for no reason.


My L293D are directly connected to the motors with no caps in place. Could the missing CAPS be the reason my my motors halt after awhile ?  



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Need help with my IR project

Hi everyone, I am new to this website, if I post it at the wrong place,please understand,sorry.

my problem here is I current working on a Infrared control car project as part of my school work, but somehow I could not get the Infrared reciver working. 


For the car control I used a picaxe 08M; For the car I used picaxe 18x with the infrared reciver (don't know the model,but this is what is behind the component '1B79 68A')

The Claw Bot

 This is my third bot. I used a few ideas from my other two and added the lifting arm and grippers. I am hoping to be able to search for, lift and carry a beer can, full would be usable but I doubt if the power is there with the present motor.

 Updated Photo: 1/13/2010, Added a Function Test Video 1/16/2010

Mechanically the bot is complete. I have enough code to test all the functions.



Drive Gearbox:

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