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which program do you recommend for picaxe18x,please?

Hi everbody,

I want to use picaxe18x for my project but, i didn't find simulation program. Can you help me, please?

I'm student so i prefer free program. Thank you. I wait your answer.


The Making of CircumPic

What follows represents my aim at documenting the creation of my yet to be named robot using a picaxe18x for brain and a l293d for motor control. Hopefully at the end i should be able to control the robot via IR and also have the ability to flip into auto mode. Too much to expect from an 18X ? We'll see.

July 11, 2011

Picaxe18x vs Picaxe28x

Hello, I am new to this site and i have ordered parts for my first robot. But i am second guessing myself- Should I have gotten the expensive 28x like i did or gotten the 18x? As this is my first robot, I'm guessing it won't be to complicated. Thanks!! :)