Let's Make Robots!


Halloween idea exchange

Halloween is coming up soon. We as robot builders are have a great opportunity to make Halloween really cool.  I have some ideas of things to build, but I know there are many of you with even better ideas.  So I started this as an idea exchange.  We can post ideas we have, and that should inspire others with new ideas or modifications of posted ones.

I will post some of my ideas later.  But if you have anything please feel free to get us started.

Happy Halloween!


Unfinished Projects

I was looking through the Robots section on this website. I noticed a lot of posts (mostly old) of never started robot projects. These have pictures of parts, or hand drawn concept pictures, etc but the finished product never got completed for whatever reason.

  Here I will try to help begginers with the most attractive electronic device the LED. :D First of all the definition of a LED: An LED or Light Emitting Diode, … Read more