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Seeking Advice: Selecting Electric Motor and Power Source for Musical Robot

Hello All! This is my first post. I am a relative novice to electrical work and robotics. I have experience wiring my own guitars and putting together effects pedal kits, but that is essentially the end of it.

Advice for selecting a university course in robotics.

Heey guys,

I've just joined your community after going through your website. I loved it so decided to make an account!

I'm a 18 year old student currently living in Melbourne, Australia. I currently study an Advanced Diploma of Computer Science which I will be finishing in a couple months. To be honest just writing software (especially GUI's) for business, etc. doesn't interest me.

I've always had a passion for knowing how things work and designing things. But unfortunately I've never really finished any cool projects yet.

Now on to my questions:

Advice on accelerometers

Some questions about accerometers:

1) Which would be a good buy? I am putting together an order at seeedstudio cause they seem to have all the stuff I need at good prices. I'm thinking of throwing in this accelerometer, but I don't know if it's any good? I also saw that polulo has this cheaper model. So which would be the better buy? Or perhaps a 3rd option?


Hello, I look for an advice on the cards of programming for a future robot. I am going to build a "robot sumo" wrestling! But my problem it is because I do not arrive has to find a good card(map), I hesitate between some card(map) of programming as: PICAXE-28X1 or Cerebellum: http://botrics.com/products/cereb/ . I have the impression(printing) that it is the almost similar sound card but the picaxe in the air(sight) of credit note more memory(report)? Can you give him(it) advice(councils) to choose one maid card as my "robot sumo" wrestling?

'Where to start' suggestions

Hi All,

I have just joined this forum so this is my first post!

I really want to start building my own robot but I don't know where to start?  I am a C# programmer so have lots of experience of coding and I have had a look around and seen that the Picaxe chips are programable.

My question is - where should I start?  Is there a particular place I should start bearing in mind my C# knowledge?  Are there any kits out there that I can use C# with?

Thanks in advance for any advice you may have for me!