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Tamiya Twin Motor Gearbox

Navigate around via ultrasound and infrared sensors
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Hey guys! Here its me again with another "not so smart" project. As my second robot, I chose to build an obstacle avoider with an arduino duemilanove and the … Read more
Phase one: Line Follower complete. Right now it is "learning" how to avoid obstacles the contact-free version.
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INTRO This project -christened Deacon- is the next step in evolution from Nigel, who was abandoned last year. June 9th, 2011 Read more
Nothing much to describe about this robot.Its a simple line follower robot which uses 2 ldrs Read more
Navigate Around Obstacles, Remote Controlled via Nunchuck
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I have attached some images of my first robot. It is built around a pololu round chassis, tamiya twin motor gearbox, and tamiya off road wheels along with a ball … Read more