Let's Make Robots!


This i a robot i am working on as a part of a school project. this is the first functioning prototype, it is made useing laser cut 3mm acrylic sheet in an assembly … Read more
Last weekend we had a nice weather, and I made a Light in the garden, and decided to make a photo of it with my robot next to … Read more

So it turns out making a lifelike drumming robot isn't as easy as you'd assume

Well, I finished the construction, added the second drumstick up front, redid all of the circuitry on a PCB to eliminate the breadboard and clean things up, soldered up ribbon connectors instead of having loose wires everywhere, and glued down everything that was still hanging loose. So it's done, mechanically. Now I've turned attention to the coding.

Drive around and find interesting things to drum on
Using a
Here's my latest project. I liked Frits' Yellow Drum Machine so much that I decided I wanted to build one of my own. I'm working on the physical construction first … Read more